President Donald Trump’s former fixer and personal attorney Michael Cohen gave details about the “dirty deeds” he says he performed at the direction of his client in his testimony before the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday.

Cohen said he followed Donald Trump “blindly” for years and warned others who do will “suffer the same consequences that I’m suffering.”

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  1. So he's NOT going to "take a bullet" for President Trump? LOL! I love it when businessmen and celebrities talk like gangsters. Of course, a mob lawyer would have actually STFU and done time for his boss. They have a little thing called integrity. (And it's a damn shame when a mob lawyer apparently has more character than the President's long-term attorney.)

  2. "A lot of people in this World, are… -> un-employable, brain-dead, poison filled – jungle fever fuckers; that don't know how to stop sucking dick, eating pussy, doing drugs and not wanting to do anything else; if, they have and must do something else… when all else fails -> they'll turn to the handgun, murder and rape squads, hide maybe not get caught, ask for more (if they knew how to); then, go man the post at some job… that good people must go relate with, and in doing so.. pick all this GD shit up".

  3. I'm still waiting for the real capers, the hillary/Obama scandals…… cohen is boring…..I don't think his fellow inmates will have much faith in him, cohen squeals to save his skin and we know that everybody in prison are innocent.

  4. Unless you have ever worked at a job that was miserable, the people around you were jerks, bullies, abusive, thieves you hated it but you needed a paycheck. Until one day either you just could not stand another minute of the situation or another job came along; in my case the warehouse had a gang of thieves. I got out before the cops got involved. If you have been in a similar situation, you just might understand why Cohen stayed so long. It doesn’t justify or excuse what he did and no doubt Trump compensated him well. But, on a certain level , I get it.

  5. The guy worked for months with Lanny Davis and the Democrats to testify before Congress. You think they didn’t conspire to go after Trump with everything they could conjure up! The guy has lied so much, he can’t even keep his own stories straight! When the Meuller report doesn’t do the charm, they give Cohen the red light to go with his pack of BS!

  6. once again the liar peddling the same old stuff how much is the Democrats paying him and her what have they got on him that makes him pedal these lies day in and day out I'm obviously they have something quite serious on him it must be that serious that if it's found out he will go to prison for a very long time this is what the Democrats do they use their political blackmail to promote a message and a story that isn't true in front of the American people

  7. Curious. Cohen is representing himself as a righteous man??? A shyster of the worst kind. "This time I'm really telling the truth." Yeah right…trying to keep yourself from swinging from the gallows. Absurd that anyone would try to represent Cohen's testimony to have any semblance to truth. Character assassination…no doubt.

  8. Weird I thought he changed his tune the second he was arrested and facing 20 years… It wasn't out of moral character or self realization, it was for saving his own ass! Deep state is the one going after all these people to try and overthrow a sitting President!